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GRIWARE is a mark of Elotec:  A European company specializing in design & manufacture of computer-based systems for greenhouse crop production

The company now boasts a consolidated market presence and is amongst the world leaders in the field of greenhouse automation. Thanks to the high-end technology and advanced capabilities of its MCU controllers, the speed of company growth and success world-wide has surpassed expectations. The turnover for the last financial year continues the strong trend, and Elotec can proudly boast more than a thousand satisfied users in some twenty different countries.

Our engineers, sales staff, technicians and local installation partners continue to combine their experience and know-how to offer you, the grower, ever more versatile and powerful products adapted to your needs together with a consistently high level of service
CU controllers combine technology and user-friendliness in a reliable partnership with the grower. Adaptability and simplicity of operation are inherent qualities. Irrespective of crop or climatic conditions they represent the ideal control solution for any greenhouse, existing or planned.

Our products conform to current EMC standards (electromagnetic compatibility) and our software is registered with the IDDN (European body ensuring copyright protection for IT designers and authors). Our commitment to quality is demonstrated by the company obtaining QUALI-PEM certification in 2000 (Quality Assurance for small business, as per ISO9000)